Google Enlightens on Spam Decisions

Ever wondered why spam ends up in your spam folder? I’ve always been curious, and because I have a (very minor) hacker bent, I’ve been keen on having more control over it – for example I’d like to spam anything that is not written in English (because clearly they don’t know me…).

Google isn’t providing control, but they are now divulging reasons for why an email gets pigeon-holed as spam.

The five key categories are:

  • Phishing scams
  • Messages from an unconfirmed sender
  • Messages you sent to Spam
  • Similarity to suspicious messages
  • Administrator-set policies

Look at any particular email in your spam folder and you’ll now see a message like this:

Why is this message in Spam? It’s similar to messages that were detected by our spam filters.

Visit Google Support for deeper details.